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At Home Compassionate Euthanasia

K9-CAT Veterinary House Calls available for quality of life consultations and offer
solutions for palliative care.  When a patient’s quality of life has declined, and he or she
is having more bad days than good, euthanasia is often the most humane option.  
Dr. Peralta will help to support and guide you as you make this difficult decision.

What to expect

•        The time needed to allow the procedure to proceed with dignity and peace
•        The ability to ask any questions you may still have about the procedure
•        A pain-free and anxiety-free experience for your companion animal in his/her
   own home
•        The compassionate treatment of your companion animal at all times
•        Skilled and experienced veterinary care
•        The opportunity to have all family members present including your other
    companion animals

Making the decision

Knowing when is the right time to let your pet go can be most difficult.  But, a day  will
come when our beloved companion will count on us to put aside our very human desire
to have them with us forever in order to consider what is best for them.  Dr. Peralta will
help, but the responsibility for this decision is yours. This is the most difficult part of pet
ownership, but you know your friend better than anyone else and, with help, you will
arrive at the most loving decision.  When suffering is imminent you can make the choice
to provide them with humane gentle euthanasia.  Once you have decided to proceed with
the loving decision of humane euthanasia, it can be a great relief for both of you.

Compassionate Home euthanasia is the most peaceful and private way to say goodbye to
your pet, who will be able to rest at home, in a favorite place, during his or her final
moments.  Dr. Peralta will explain the process and what to expect.  During the
appointment, you and your pet will be treated with respect and kindness, and you will be
able to spend as much alone time with your pet as you want while saying goodbye.


Individual cremation is available and Dr. Peralta can arrange for it and return your pet’s
remains directly to you.
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