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Providing quality veterinary medical care to our clients since 1993
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K9-CAT Veterinary housecalls wants to be more available to our clients to provide high quality
veterinary care for each client and patient.  Our goal is to provide a high level of personal
attention and interaction in the comfort of your home where the relaxed atmosphere encourages
discussion about the health of your dog or cat.

You can expect high quality veterinary care without the need to transport your pet to visit the
veterinarian, saving you time and reducing stress for you and your dog or cat.

We will work closely with you to maintain the best quality of life for your pet through all stages
of life, and your questions are always welcome and encouraged.

Why House Calls?

Veterinary house calls allow patients to be examined in the comfort of their own home
environment. This can alleviate the stress typically associated with taking your pets to the vet.  
Most animals will become stressed after being taken out of their environment, being transported
in a car, and then being subjected to strange sounds, smells and people.  An animal under stress
may exhibit elevations in heart rate, respiration, temperature, and can exhibit changes in their
behavior.  These changes can mask the symptoms being presented at home or even create
symptoms that were not present previously.

House calls benefit to households with multiple dogs and cats. It is much more convenient for a
household with a busy schedule to be able to schedule one appointment for all their animals to
be seen at once, as opposed to having to pack up everyone and take them in to a veterinary

House calls are also beneficial to anyone with limited mobility or someone who does not does
not have the ability to easily transport their animals to a clinic.

Overall a house call visit is less stressful for both the owner and the pet.

What services are available at home?

Most of the professional services that comprise an outpatient office visit in a traditional hospital
can be done in the house call setting.

Our services include comprehensive wellness medical care, preventative care, quality of life
assessments, and gentle, compassionate at-home euthanasia.

What should I do to prepare for the visit?

For cats, we recommend closing closet, bedroom, and basement doors. If your cats are very
timid, we may recommend that you confine them to a room without much furniture, such as a
bathroom, so that we won't have to remove them from hiding places. For most dogs, there is
no preparation required.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Please call our office at (301) 270-2050.  If you reach our voicemail, please be prepared to
leave a detailed message.  We may be visiting a patient or currently answering to another call.  
Our voicemail is constantly monitored and calls are returned as soon as possible.  Appointment
times are arranged based on the urgency of your pet's problem, your availability, and our

You may also email us at to request a House Call visit.

We require 24 hour notice for Cancellation.

We strive to keep housecall services affordable.  In order to help us do so, we request that you
make full payment at the time of service.

We accept
Visa, Master Card, Discover, Cash
Check (for existing clients only).
Located in Maryland serving--Montgomery, Prince Georges, Howard,
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