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VetApprovedRx - "A to Z" Pet Health Care Symptoms
Advantage II Specials - a once a month topical treatment that offers flea and lice protection for your dog *Buy 6 Doses Get 1 Dose FREE! - Antifungal Pet Medications
Cosequin DS capsules are nutritional supplements designed to help dogs maintain healthy joints.
Cosequin DS Capsules helps dogs maintain healthy joints.
Cosequin DS for Dogs is a nutritional supplement to help dogs maintain healthy joints.
Cosequin DS with MSM For Dogs assists joint health in dogs. - Cosequin Products
Feline Greenies Dental Treats - Unique teeth-cleaning clinically proven to help reduce tartar and plaque buildup
The unique teeth-cleaning shape of
Feline Greenies Dental Treats is clinically
proven to help reduce tartar and plaque
buildup cleans teeth, freshens breath,
and stirs up purrs of joy.
Feline Greenies Dental treats contain no
artificial colors, flavors or preservatives,
and have less than 2 calories per piece.
Added vitamins, minerals and taurine
ensure Feline Greenies dental treats are
100% nutritionally complete and
balanced. - Flea and Tick Pet Medication
Frontline Plus Specials - Use Frontline10 Promo Code and get $10.00 off your order of 6 doses
Fleas and ticks are the most common external parasite on
our pets and because of this it is very important to have flea
and tick control for your pets. At VetApprovedRx we sell
Advantage, Capstar, Comfortis, Frontline Plus,
K9Advanitx, Preventic collars, Mycodex spray, flea and
tick shampoos and environmental treatments for fleas and
ticks. - Heart Worm Prevention
Lean Treats are fun an tasty but low in fat to help your pet maintain a healthy body weight.. Provide a treat for your pet that keeps them trim and fit the healthy way, TODAY! - Natural Homeopathic Pet Meds - Pet Dental Hygiene - Pet Gifts and Toys
At VetApprovedRx, we offer a
variety of products in our
Gift/Toy department.  Whether
you are creating a memorial for
a beloved pet or if you wish to
give yourself or a fellow pet
owner a fun treat for their pet
you will be sure to find just the
right thing. - Horse Care and Large Animal Supplies - Pet Paw and Nail Care - Pet Skin, Coat, and Shampoo products
There are many pet
shampoo/conditioner options on the
market these days. VetApprovedRx
offers grooming products that are
vetapproved and products that would be
offered in your Veterinarian's clinic. It is
important to pick the right products for
your pet. - Puppies, Kittens and Newborn Pets - Senior Pet Care - Special Sale Offers - Pet Treats & Pill Pockets - Vitamin & Supplement Treatment for Pets
Veterinary Housecalls, LLC